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Hello All! If anyone reads this…haha! I’m moving our family blog to blogger. It has way more options & I like it a whole lot better. So, come on over!


Happy June! I am 5 days late but whatevers yo! Not a whole lot has gone on since I last but there’s been a few things so I’ll stay with that & then tell ya what’s current or to be.

The visit with my parents was fun. We ate ALOT and traveled a little. Saturday we went to Bisbee where we had awesome Bisbee breakfast club & visited the Queen Mine tour. It was interesting I guess but I seem to get bored quickly. If Mike’s family comes we’ll take them there too. :) Basically we’ll have the same day as our saturday with his family. Breakfast & Mine Tour! Sunday we saw a movie & had enchiladas, yum! My family left EARLY monday, before we were even up so we didn’t get to say goodbye. :( We had a lot of fun while they were here & I even got some quality alone time with my sister.  It was nice to get to talk to just her & hear about what’s been going on. I definitely miss that.

The week after my family’s visit Mike had a follow up for his asthma & apparently they saw scar tissue on the Xray. Mike was sent to a pulmonary specialist the next day but that genius doc couldn’t bring up the Xray so he just said “oh it’s the weight & the air, that’s why you can’t breathe”. Ya, thanks for nothing doctor! Mike’s on profile that says he can’t run for 30 days & then he’ll have 60 days to get ready for a PT test. Bad news is those 60 days are AFTER the school break in August and they might deny any leave request. We were planning to go home in August, just because but also because we’re probably not going to be able to come in Dec. They’re not going to let as many people go home so some people have to stay. I think Mike just wants to stay here. It’ll be sad to be away from family on christmas but maybe Mike’s family can come around then, if they haven’t come to visit this year yet. We’ll see I guess.

I need to get Cinnamon into the vet. She’s due for shots. I was looking at her shot record & she has like 3 rabies stickers & there were 2 from last year. May & July I believe so of course the vet who spayed her has been sending “hey, get your dog in” flyers but if she’s good til July then why would I do it in May?! I’m going to take her this month & get all her shots just so we get them all in one month & can know every June she’s due. Hersh is March, she’ll be June.

So, current or to be. It’s a new month & that means a NEW start. I’m jumping back into that wagon & I’m going to really focus on eating & exercising. My goal is to lose at least 5 lbs this month. I want to lose the weight for REAL this time. I’m still down 4 lbs which is incredible after May & especially the last week in May but it’s good. Maybe I can lose 6.5 lbs & be at a nice even number for next month. Then I can stay at a good number & really try to push myself for another 5 lbs. I think 5 lbs a month(at least) will be my goal. Hope Hope! I think (hope) Mike is going to restart his focus on school. One of his ol’ germany deployment buddies is here for school & he came over last week to pick up the boxes he sent here(for himself). It was interesting to see Mike & him talk about old times & about all their ex-coworkers.  He told Mike he really needs to focus on school and I think Mike finally got it. I hope he did. He needs to work his way so he can do the green to gold & he can get his degree. It’ll be better for us in the long run but more importantly, it’ll be good for him. I know he’s wanted a degree & to become an officer so I know he’ll feel better accomplishing that. I’d love him to be an officer & have that extra cash and respect from the army but if that’s not what he wants then it’s fine. I want for him what he wants & I want him to be happy. :)

Welp, I think that’s about it chick! Have a great day ya’ll!

20th May

Happy May 20th, My Daddy’s birthday! What is my dad doing for his birthday? Coming to see ME! My parents & sister are on their way here and will probably be in within an hour(maybe 90 minutes)! How exciting!!! They’ll be here til early Monday morning. We plan to have a lot of fun!

Eating right….yeah, about that. It’s been a frustrating month medically for me so it’s been hard to focus on eating too. I’ve continued to work out but not as much as I should. I really really need to get back on the wagon! Like for REALS ya’ll! Mike has a PT test next week and if he doesn’t pass it’ll be major bad. I’m not sure why he hasn’t passed it yet because I know he could’ve if he really wanted too. I don’t know what I can do to help, he says nothing, but I wish I could. I don’t want him to fail & mess up his military career. :( I know the bad food that comes with company won’t help this weekend. But that’s life I guess. :)

Hersh & Cinn are good. Nothing really new with them. Or my photography. I seem to hit spurts of photo taking. I’ve been dry lately. :) We did have thunder mountain meetup last weekend and that was kinda a failure. Only 3 S.V. people & 3 Vail people showed up. The drive was to Mt. Lemmon & it was GORGEOUS! Really truly gorgeous. And nerve-wrecking. Tight curvy mountain roads mixed with the speed of mustangs was NOT relaxing! It was fun though and the weather at the top was AWESOME! We both got sunburned & I got it far worse. I’m peeling like crazy ya’ll! I’ve been aloe-vera-ing it up like a mad woman!

Alright well I’ll let you go. I’m talking crazy but that’s probably from a lack of sleep! I can’t wait for beddy time tonight! Oh ya & my family getting here in like than an hour!!! :)

Happy May

It’s May, isn’t that so crazy. We’re in the 5th month of 2011 & soon we’ll hit the halfway point. That’s so crazy.  Not too much is going on here. Just the normal life with a few twists.

It’s May so starts the eating right. It sucks. Of course all day I’ve wanted junk food apalooza. I’ve resisted so far and I already know what I’m having for dinner tonight so we’re good. I went to Curves this morning and the smart system wanted to be a punk so I was one back.  Fighting with a computer system, yes I was. I plan to go Wednesday & Friday and I guess time will tell for Thurs & Sat. I have to go get blood work done tomorrow and I can’t eat so no Curves. I have to eat something for energy or it’s completely pointless to even go. Last week the phlebotimist SUCKED so I’m hoping I don’t get him again. I need blood work because I finally got a good doctor who wants to find out what’s really wrong with me. Awesome! It only took 7 years to get a good military doctor!!! :)

Mike has a weird schedule this week & he’ll had it again in 2 weeks. He still has to get up at 4 am for PT but then he’s off til 10 when he works out again. He works from 12pm to 9pm this week because he has homework duty. It sucks because he still has to wake up super early even though he’s working til late. He wakes up, goes works out, comes home & sleeps and when he wakes up, gets ready, & leaves shortly after. He was super grumpy today too. BOOO him! He’ll get home tonight around 9:30 & we’ll head to bed. I basically get no time with him. Oh, I forgot, he also works 8-5 on SATURDAY! Boo Army, Boo! I don’t like you this week & I will dislike you again in 2 weeks! :)

Hersh & Cinn are good. No news to report on them. :)

Hello Again

It’s once again been a while, 3 weeks in fact. Sorry about that. :) Nothing too important has happened. Mike turned 29, woo hoo! His birthday was good. Oh, how could I forget! He got pulled over on his birthday by a punk ass MP & the ticket was $300. YIKES! Later in the month my windshield got cracked but thankfully USAA covered that!!! Mike has been working out 2-3 times a day & I think it looks good for his next PT test which I think is this week. I hope he passes!

Eating & Exercising have not been good this month. We really really need to get back on track & I mean JAN super restricted track. We’ve got to get healthier & this month we’ve slipped into a deep hole. Not good!!!

Easter was yesterday & it was a decent day. I made H&C an easter basket & we hid plastic eggs with goodies in them. I think they enjoyed themselves and they definitely had snack overload! I’ve really cut back on snacks. Sometimes I get them one a day, sometimes they go days without one. I do usually share some PB when I have my apple w/ pb. :) YUMMY! Cinn is shedding like CRAZY! The warmer weather means it doesn’t stop. I filled the brush up 3 times with hair & she looked really good but not so fast. Mike petted her & another handful of hair. ARGH! What a pain this is!

The weather has been beautiful! So sunny & pretty. Everything is starting to grow & I’ve been taking more pictures. Mike thinks I’m crazy with how many pictures of the dogs I take but who else am I going to take pictures of?! I did take a few of our neighbor & one turned out really cute. :) It was just a quick we were both outside so I’ll snap a few. :)

Well, I guess that’s it. Have a great week!


It’s been a while! :) Only a week but it seems longer. Lots has happened since I last wrote. I’ll just jump off & talk about everything….

I started doing Curves Smart & it SUCKS ASS! Oh my gosh, lord ol’ mighty! It’s HARD. Like crazy hard! You’re suppose to still keep up your heart rate on the recovery pads but I always end up just standing there trying to catch my breath. Every few machines I have to take an extra 30 seconds to catch it. I went today at 1 because Mike is doing the field work & he has the 4-12am shift & he does PT at 12-1pm. Well, today was the first day & he worked all weekend so I wanted to have a sleep in day with him. I planned to jump back to morning workouts but I think I may stay with working out in the afternoon while Mike is doing his PT. There’s  barely any people there and the music was great today. :) You wouldn’t think working out to ‘under my skin’ would be good or motivating but it was cool.

The healthy eating thing went off the deep end lately(last 4 or so days). :( I’ve been craving fast food like crazy and my resistance is low. I really need to get back onto super healthy again. Especially since Friday is supposed to be my weigh-in. How am I really going to eat horribly when I’m suppose to be stepping on a scale in 4 days. :( The last 2-3 days I’ve been feeling really crappy. The morning and early afternoon I’m completely fine but after 3 I start feeling bad. I’m lethargic, weak, headache, feeling sick, just plain BLAH! It’s totally not cool. I’m not sure what it’s from. I didn’t eat totally healthy today but yesterday actually was pretty healthy so I don’t know. I hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow too.

Mike’s birthday is this week and last week he told me ‘I don’t want a cake!!!’ very seriously. That’s fine by me. This weekend he changed his mind, he decided cupcakes would be ok. So I ask him today, what kind do you want. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry Chip cake with vanilla, chocolate, cream cheese, lemon, etc. I didn’t say those options, I just asked what he wanted & expected something like that. NOPE. Mike wants rootbeer float cupcakes. Haha! He told me “I want you to make something fancy like you do”. Honestly I was going to mention peanut butter cup cupcakes like I did for my cousin Laura’s birthday. So I kinda did expect to make semi fancy cupcakes, just not rootbeer float fancy. I got a good recipe, or so I hope, online & it’s Paula Deen’s Rootbeer Float Cake. In the recipe they call for a glaze but I’m using frosting.  So, I made 12 rootbeer cupcakes & I’ll put vanilla frosting & I’m also going to try vanilla cupcakes with rootbeer frosting. OH, I may also make Orange Creamsicle cupcakes! It sounds like a good idea but it might be really nasty. I don’t know if orange will go well in a cupcake. I guess we’ll see. I may just stick with the RBF ones after having to test it a few times. Then again, if I end up just doing the vanilla cakes with flavored topping then I could do half rootbeer, half orange. :) I guess time will tell.

Well I guess that’s all. Tschuess.

End of March….

Shello All! How are you? I’m ok I suppose. I’m just chilling at home. Too much month at the end of the money. Not that I’m a huge shopper anyways. Let’s see what’s new?!?!?

Mike did not pass his PT test. He passed 3 out of 4, which is good but still equals a fail. He was just under a minute over for his run. The eating right thing still isn’t important to him or he’s just not doing it. He didn’t take his lunch today so we’ll see if he starves or commissaries it. A dietician called today so I guess Mike is somewhat wanting to eat better but at the same time, HELLO! Why does he need a dietician?! To tell him to do what we were doing in January. No sugar, little carbs, more fruits & veggies… Mike isn’t a fruit or veggie guy. We have our broccoli or cauliflower for dinner but that’s where it ends for him. I’m not much better but I am adding more. It’s kinda weird because I use to be a corn girl but now if I have my option, I pick broc or cauli.

Curves…. On Wednesday I start Curves smart. The appointment is supposed to take 90 minutes. WHAT?!?! Crazy!! She tells me today you go around 3 times to start. First time is the set up & then you do your normal too. Ok….. You do 6 reps & then 3 fast ones. Ok….  Ok, here it goes. 9 reps per machine. Doesn’t sound hard & for most of them it’s not but there are a few that I don’t do that many on. 6, sure, 9? maybe pushing it. But I guess that’s the point. Also, first day is 3 times around. Do they not realize 2 is my limit?! Do they want me to pass out?! They’re going to push me for the first one & then the machines will push me. I can’t slack! Not cool curves, NOT cool! So we’ll see how that goes. I’m debating whether to take tomorrow off of Curves so that I’m full energy/ready for Wednesday or if I should still go tomorrow. There are only 3 more days in March and if I want to look like a stud on the attendance list then 3 more days would be awesome…… :) I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.

Yesterday I took a few pictures & here’s one.

My Everything!!!

Thursday, Thursday

So….not too much is new in the land o’ Cosgrave but there are a few things. Mike was not evaluated on Tuesday like he was suppose too. The guy never showed & Mike’s higher ups cared. “we made the appt”…. Ok, well do more buttwipes!!! Argh! I thought Mike had a PT test today but it’s tomorrow. I really hope he passes it but truth be told I don’t expect him too. He doesn’t seem ready and he hasn’t been preparing. *Sigh* Mike also isn’t taking the eating right thing serious. We have brown rice for him to take and I know that’s not the most appetizing thing but we also have tuna & sandwich stuff. He promised me he wouldn’t get sandwiches from the commissary but he’s either doing that or not eating. Neither is good! It frustrates me to no end because we had a talk on Saturday about this. I told him I needed him to get back on this plan, I need both of us to be doing this. He agreed. Yup, seems to be all talk with this hubby of mine. I’m still doing pretty good. I’m craving fast food to no end but I’m resisting. No chips, no candy, no junk. Curves is…. ay! I’ve gone twice this week & tomorrow will be my third time. Mike didn’t have PT today so I decided to sleep in with him. I did clean the house though so I guess that’s an up. I swept the kitchen, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the livingroom & vacuumed the livingroom & hallway. It only took 90 minutes. :) Well, the laundry took a little longer but for the most part everything was done by 11. :)

Hersh had his yearly shots yesterday. They came in & did the check-up, asked if he has his fecal within the last year and I said, ‘yeah, I think so’. In truth I thought it’d been just over a year, at his last shots which was last early March. Apparently the nurse didn’t believe me so she checked. When the doctor asked me the same question she chimed in and said ‘yeah, all her dogs are actually”. She sounded surprised which annoyed me. I take care of my dogs thank you very much! Hersh took his shots like a pro and it was cheaper than I thought it’d be. I went through 1800petmeds for his heartworm pills. Saved us $30 that way. YES!!!!

Well, I think that’s all from this peanut gallery. Have a good day!

March 21st

Today is VERY windy! Our neighbor’s huge trampoline ended up on our fence. They are very impatient people BTW. The girl came over to tell me about it & asked if it could wait til her husband got home. What do I care? Not like it’s messing up anything, it was just sitting/laying there. So a little bit later her husband came and he knocked 3 times and every time I yelled, “I’ll be there in just a second”. He never heard me so he kept knocking. I was trying to put the dogs up because I didn’t want to be bent over holding the dogs again. Geesh. So I open the door & he’s walking around so I get his attention & he just tells me “I’m getting the trampoline”. Ok….. He didn’t even come through my back gate, he jumped his fence. Whatever, they’re weird anyways. Every time its super windy I think we’re going to end up with glass in the house. This windows are so poorly put in & they shake like crazy. It’s VERY VERY windy & I’m surprised as heck we still have no broken windows.

I missed Curves today and I’m mad at myself. I set my alarm for 5 and of course Mike got all pissy because my alarm woke him up. Hello, his alarm goes off at 4am tues,wed, & fri and I’m the jerk for waking up at 5?! He was supposed to go running today anyways and my alarm was only 15 minutes before his. Of course I snuggled back into bed to wait for his alarm. A)bed is AWESOME & b)he would’ve been even more pissy & mean if I started getting ready. So I waited and turns out he called off his run for today. So, I ended up sleeping til 9. I knew I should’ve reset my alarm for 5:30!!! Now I know I could still go to Curves at 9:30-10 BUT my motivation at that time is non-existent. The reason I go at 5 is because the motivation(for the most part) is there and it’s become routine. I know how silly that sounds, it’s only a few hours later but I don’t like going that late. Also, the ladies are WAY less social & welcoming. 5am women welcome you to the family per say, 9-10am people stare you down like you don’t belong there. No No Thank You!

We’re BACK on healthy!!! I finally convinced Mike we need to go back to basics on healthy eating. Total January type healthy eating. No cheating, no little extra, NO! Whether he sticks with it I do not know but we’ll try. Of course the first day of starting back on healthy I want JUNK! My mind instantly went too “I want fast food, I want chips, I want candy”. I’ve craving chocolate pretty bad but I’ve been wanting it for a few weeks now. Surprisingly I haven’t bought ANY chocolates since ….. I actually don’t know when. Maybe this whole year. Wow, crazy! We went shopping yesterday and we got a few cheap meats. Ground Pork & Steaks. There’s enough meat for pork s’getti, grilled steaks, & then CHILI!! We’re also having stirfry & regular chicken/fish. We’re definitely getting more variety this start than we did in January. January was ALL chicken, chicken/fish, & chicken(sometimes shrimp) stirfry.

When it rains, it pours! When money is tight then bills come pouring in. Our money isn’t that tight, though Mike is totally freaking out, but we have 2 new bills. Hershey’s yearly shots & my car’s registration. Oh geesh makneez! Registration seems extremely high considering MY CAR’S PAID OFF!!! Vet visits are always pricey plus he needs new heartworm pills. I may get the prescription & just buy them on a or whatever it’s called. It’s got to be cheaper right!!! :) I know Mike is really freaking out about maybe not getting paid starting 15th of April. Let’s just hope they get this shit figured out soon!

Well, Mike gets evaluated for Battalion soldier of the quarter tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed for him!!! And he has a PT test on Thursday, which he tells me he will pass! He’s doing classes all this week & he’s trying to make a new game for all the instructors. He’s really working on becoming a better soldier & instructor so he can get better scores on his army eval’s. I guess they’re a bunch of hard asses here & you have to do your job perfectly PLUS something extraordinary. So, he’s hoping this game he’s working on gets some good attention & scores for him!!! :)

That’s all folks! Time to tie on some metal chains to me & the dogs so they can go out to pee. (cause of the crazy winds)

Weigh in!

Welp folks, today was my weigh in and I was feeling skinny. :) The one thing I’ve learned about the Curves’ scale is to step on it twice. It’s always 2-3 lbs lighter the second time. It was 3 today, YAY! My official weight loss is 10 lbs. Part of me is so upset because in the first 6 weeks I lost 24 lbs. That’s so freaking awesome! Then 2 weeks later I was basically back at square one. That’s such a horrible feeling. Knowing all that weight loss was from a broken scale or a fluke. I know February was bad but seriously, it couldn’t be 20 lbs bad!!! I lost 7 lbs in the last 3 weeks so I’m glad about that. It’s a healthy loss & hopefully that means it’ll stay off. I also highly think some of the weight is muscle. Yes Yes I’m not delusional, I know I don’t have 15 lbs of new muscles but there’s got to be a nice number. I’ve really stepped up my Curves-ness. I went 5 times this week & I plan to keep doing it. I also plan to start the “curves smart’ circuit so that’ll help too. I know I’ll get stronger & gain stamina. This week was NOT easy. I had barely any energy and it probably was from going every week day. So, I hope to gain stamina and start kickin’ weight’s ass!

Mike starts teaching again today. He & Mrs. Hulin(sp) take turns and it happens to be Mike’s. I’m sure he’s a great teacher. He got the battalion’s soldier of the month & on tuesday he gets evaluated for Soldier of The Quarter & his name would be on the board out front of his workplace. AWESOME! He says he’s been practicing and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him. He has stiff competition!!! :) Mike also has a PT test on thursday and I’m not expecting a good turn out. In some ways it seems he’s losing his motivation for being “all he can be”. I haven’t seen the pride or enthusiasm. Maybe he’s just focusing on school & being able to knock out some classes this summer. :)

Well…..I think that’s about all. Have a great weekend!!!


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